General Usage of Cloudhiker

What is Cloudhiker?

Cloudhiker collects websites and categorizes them. You can stroll through these websites randomly, based on the categories you find interesting. The randomness is not based on any algorithm, it's plain randomness.

Which types of websites can I expect to find on Cloudhiker?

Websites submitted to Cloudhiker must follow strict rules to be accepted. Generally speaking, Cloudhiker prioritizes quality over quantity. You won't find any news articles, Facebook posts or the typical Buzzfeed clickbait rubbish.
Expect to be surprised by creativity, nostalgia and a lot of fascinating content.

What are Collections?

Finding awesome websites is great! That's why you can not only like them to finde them later on, but also create lists for various topics, called Collections. For example, you could have a Collection named "Fascinating Science" where you collect websites about interesting science experiments and essays.
Collections can both be private or public. Public collections can be shared with anyone with the link.

How can I submit a website to Cloudhiker?

If it's not already in the database, you can submit websites from the dashboard. You have to create a user account for that. More details can be found on the dedicated info page .

Cloudhiker Premium

Can I try Cloudhiker Premium for free?

Yes! The first 2 weeks of Cloudhiker Premium are free of charge. You will only be charged after the trial. Please notice that the trial is available only once per user.

The checkout displays a higher amount to pay than the advertised $2.99 or $29.90...

That is correct, because your local VAT is added during the checkout and not included in the price.

Do you offer discounts?

At the moment, no. If you think we should offer you a discount, contact us via email.

I would like to cancel my subscription. What happens after that?

First of all, all premium features will remain active for your current billing period. After that, the Premium Badge will be removed from your profile, and you lose access to your discovery history. If you created more than 3 collections, only the first 3 created collections will continue to work. All other ones will be locked and can only be viewed or deleted until you subscribe to Premium again. Your access to the Discord VIP channel will be revoked.

I have Premium, how do I get access to the Discord server?

First, please join our Discord server . Then go to your account settings and connect your Discount account to your Cloudhiker account. If Premium is active, you will automatically be added to the VIP group.

I have more questions or a problem. How can I contact you?

Feel free to drop us a line to [email protected] and we will get back shortly.


If you have any questions, ideas or other feedback, feel free to write to contact [at] . I will get back to you as soon as possible.

In case there are any issues with your Premium subscription, contact me immediately at payments [at] to resolve the issues as fast as possible. In case you have issues with failed or denied credit card payments, you may also contact the Cloudhiker payment provider Paddle at help [at] , as I have no detailed information about the payment processes.