Submit a Website to Cloudhiker

To submit any website to Cloudhiker, you need to have an account that is completely free. Once you logged in or signed up, you are already good to go. Visit the Dashboard and submit the URL from there.

Please note, that Cloudhiker prioritizes Quality over Quantity and has strict rules for what websites can be submitted:


 Anything interesting, weird or astonishing

We love content which is interesting, weird, crazy, hilarious or really mind-blowing.

 Exceptional blog posts

Usually in essay form, articles of exceptional quality are likely accepted.

 Exceptional company or personal websites

Seen a website of a company or a private person which really strikes your mind? Submit it here!

 Exceptional browser games

Playing in the browser is cool. Candy Crush is not. Submit really cool browser games only.

 Stuff to learn with or from

We love interactive tutorials, high quality how-to articles or any other stuff to feed your curious mind. However, we won't accept links to some random Udemy courses or 10 min. Youtube videos.

Not allowed

 Low quality content or news articles
News articles, boring blog posts and other low-quality content is nothing what we want on Cloudhiker. Exceptions may apply.
Examples: Buzzfeed articles
 Political or highly controversial content
If you want to discuss political topics, please go to Facebook. Also, Cloudhiker is not a place to publish your absurd conspiracy theories.
 Social network posts
Any content from Facebook, Twitter or similar networks is not permitted. YouTube videos of outstanding quality may be accepted as an exception.
 No content behind paywalls or logins
If you have to pay or register to access a website, it is not a good fit for Cloudhiker.
Examples: The Wallstreet Journal, Medium premium articles
 No raw images or other media
interesting-charts.pdf or must-see.gif are not allowed. Media must be embedded on a website.
 Pornographic, racist, graphic or other illegal content
This should not need any explanation. We like a friendly and open-minded internet.

Before submitting a lot of sites to Cloudhiker, explore the existing Websites for a while to get an impression what is already there.

Submit your own Website!

Cloudhiker encourages self-promotion! Of course, as long as your site is within the given rules. So, go for it.