The Cloudhiker Mission Statement

I built Cloudhiker to be a cozy corner of the internet where everyone can discover amazing websites. It's like a friendly guide helping you find cool places you’ve never seen before. The goal is simple: I want to make it easy for everyone, even those who aren't tech-savvy, to stumble upon exciting and fun websites that might otherwise be tough to find. We're all about the good stuff – not just more stuff. And here at Cloudhiker, I believe the best parts of the internet are made to be shared, not just kept for the few who know where to look.

Why we are here

The internet we know today has grown into something bittersweet, a vast expanse dominated by a handful of powerful social networks and search engines. These tech titans are in a pursuit of profits, wielding their vast resources to capture every corner of our digital lives. Their platforms are tailored to keep us engaged, not necessarily informed or enlightened, as they churn through a perpetual cycle of monetization. Offers, ads, and premium upgrades creep into every possible interaction, underlining the stark reality that every click and scroll is a commodity to be bought and sold. Capitalism isn't just knocking at the door; it's settled in, turning the internet from an open field of discovery into a high-tension marketplace where user attention is the hottest product.

In the midst of this corporate gold rush, Cloudhiker wants be a place where the almost forgotten joy of the internet lives on. Exploring something new and fascinating isn't interrupted by a flashy ad. In an age where the monetization of online spaces is the norm, Cloudhiker revives the idea of a community space where the purpose is to share, discover, and enjoy. I deeply believe in the original roots of the internet and that a free, open and inclusive internet is what we need - and not a few single platforms craving for your money and data.

Skyline of Berlin

Cloudhiker as a large Community

At its core, Cloudhiker encourages users to share, explore and discuss websites they love. It's like we're all sitting around a table, talking about what we love about the internet, and what we wish was out there. We're all about real people having a real impact. What someone shares today could make the day for somebody else tomorrow. Every single contribution matters.

The community is at the heart of Cloudhiker, and it evolves through their feedback, ideas, and critiques. I listen to all input closely and consider every idea. If you feel that there's something wrong on Cloudhiker, let me know.

Being a sustainable small business

Cloudhiker pledges to remain free, fostering an environment that is as accessible as it is enriching. This is more than a website; it is a movement - a testament to my dedication to building something enduring, a website that will last. For me, quick profits are out of the question. I am here for the long haul, driven by the principle that something as precious as Cloudhiker should be available to anyone on the planet with an internet connection.

Unfortunately, the server running Cloudhiker as well as its internet connection is not free. I had to find a compromise between the principle of offering Cloudhiker for free and the costs of running it. I decided to add advertisement to the website but make them as unintrusive as possible. While Twitter shows spam advertisement after every third post, large ads are shown only after a few dozen website. Additionally, there's Cloudhiker Premium, which offers an advertisement-free experience as well as some features for power users. I believe that this compromise is the most ethical and sustainable way to cover the costs of running Cloudhiker.

Together, we can make Cloudhiker a better place on the internet. A lighthouse for all those who believe in a free, open and inclusive internet, and a place where great discoveries start. I am here for you.

- Kevin