2023 in Review

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Hi Cloudhikers!

Just wanted to give a huge shoutout to all of you! This past year 2023 was amazing because of your support and all the cool stuff we've done together. Every new submitted website, every bit of feedback – it all helped make Cloudhiker what it is today. Seriously, you rock!

Happy new year 2024

2023 in Numbers

The past year was incredible and it has become the most successful year for Cloudhiker since it took off in 2020.

We almost doubled the number of websites Cloudhiker has to offer, reaching almost 14000 websites by the end of the year. The 6000 new websites were submitted by 252 different users, 97 of them submitted their first website.

In 2023, about 4500 new users joined Cloudhiker to explore the internet and save their favourite websites. Together with guests, they viewed our websites 5.2 million times! That is an incredible number, meaning that each website was viewed about 370 times.

The most shared websites up today are A Mathematician’s Guide to Wordle, Awesome Stuff to Buy and Discover the IndieWeb.
And the most liked website is Sandspiel by Max Bittker.

User Toplist for 2023

Almost 6000 new websites were submitted to Cloudhiker and here are the top users of 2023:

  1. Kovah with 3638 Sites
  2. ShashankPoojari with 1131 Sites
  3. Anonymous User with 117 Sites
  4. greenmountainmagpie with 81 Sites
  5. Minocula with 43 Sites
  6. navchandar with 40 Sites
  7. Shaymin with 39 Sites
  8. ozian with 36 Sites
  9. Anonymous User with 32 Sites
  10. ragnarkar with 26 Sites

Thank you all!

There’s a bunch of neat stuff on the horizon for me at Cloudhiker, and I’m buzzing to roll it out for you. New features, new journeys, and even more ways for us to connect and share what you love about the internet. Trust me, it’s going to be a wild ride, and with you by my side, I know it’s going to be nothing short of incredible. Here’s to stepping into a year of endless possibilities and killer adventures together!