Pricing for Cloudhiker is now based on the Big Mac Index

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Starting today, Cloudhiker adjusts prices for new Premium subscriptions according to the Big Mac Index. This is actually good news for everyone!

What does that mean?

The Big Mac Index shows the actual buying strength of a country, based on the theory of purchasing-power parity. For services like Cloudhiker that are offered globally, it totally makes sense to adjust the price to the buying strength of each country, and not just convert prices.

This means: subscribers from most countries will now pay less, others will pay a bit more.

Some examples for the monthly subscription

  • Prices for Brazil decrease by 20% from R$ 15,42 to R$ 12,33.
  • Prices for Thailand decrease by 30% from ฿111,62 to ฿78,19.
  • Prices for Hungary decrease by 50% from 1197,41 Ft to 599,00 Ft.
  • Prices for Switzerland increase by 30% from 2,96 CHF to 3,85 CHF.

Prices are changed already and will be applied at checkout when you select your country.

Happy exploring!