Big thanks for all Contributors!

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While making some changes to the User Toplist it became clear to me that almost 400 people from all over the world contributed websites to Cloudhiker, and I now want to thank all of them for taking the time to make exploring the web a bit better. 🤗

At this point I would like to encourage you and all those around you, your friends and family, to submit websites to Cloudhiker. While we have strict rules for what should be submitted, it is absolutely astonishing that we collected almost 8500 websites together. Across all those categories, people submitted websites they love to visit or because they found them interesting - or they created them themselves.
If you are asking yourself if submitting own websites is allowed: yes, it definitely is! As long as the website adheres to the rules it can be submitted. I do not want to restrict people from submitting their work, because sharing what you created is one of the most essential things of the internet.

Last but not least: I would like to encourage you to make your profile public and add some of your other social accounts to the profile. Everything can be done in the account settings.

Happy exploring!