Update to the Privacy Policy

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The Privacy Policy was updated to clarify some of the points and correct the wording to make things more clear for you as the user. The adjustments do not reflect large changes made to your disadvantage.

The following changes were made:

  • The data that is stored for your account was clarified and extended to include the links to social profiles or your website, if you add them to your public profile.
  • If you subscribe to Cloudhiker Premium, minimum account data is shared with the payment provider Paddle. The provider needs this information to link your Cloudhiker account to their records. If you don't subscribe to Premium, no data is shared with other companies.
  • The usage of cookies was corrected. They are not used to track your movements and actions on Cloudhiker, but only to technically provide Cloudhiker as a service to you. Without those cookies, we wouldn't be able to know that you just logged in. If you are a guest, the cookie is primarily used when exploring to make sure you won't see a website twice.

If you have any questions regarding the privacy practises and policies, feel free to contact me.