We made it: 10,000 Websites on Cloudhiker 🥳

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Almost exactly 2 years ago Cloudhiker was launched, and it was a huge success. Thousands of users joined since then and hundreds submitted websites to be reviewed. Today we celebrate one of the big milestones in the history of the site: 10,000 websites are available on Cloudhiker.

This is an incredible achievement that could not have been possible without the support and contributions of the amazing community.

Thank you for your Contribution! I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your dedication and commitment in making Cloudhiker what it is today. Each and every one of you has played a crucial role in the growth and success of our platform, and I am deeply grateful for your efforts.

I think this is the right place to mention all the people who made Cloudhiker possible by submitting websites:

ShashankPoojari, greenmountainmagpie, farklenaut, Shaymin, FAntsyPants, ragnarkar, Minocula, freeling10, navchandar, peric71185, MixMax, shiratori, LetLeniLead, catman1900, LongSeanSilver, Delrond, netsherpa, RocketMan, lunatone, BCO, John-50220, cactus, JonCarey, Jebull, Doge, Goitbit, GuyMontag, XPStartupSound, askAstrology, Kaamalauppias, Kremor, TheRealJefe, Cody, moviecriticsco, SloppySpitz, mbcharbonneau, RoadTripNewEngland, R74n, Carl_Lorimar, CharlesDMartens, thatgrrl, ChokLate, fubunker, botwiki, Marion, Debbie_Moran, StumblingAway, erayerdin, impulse, Dorota-Pankowska, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, sghosh, DomainsNed, Juan, Swordfisherman, Lucent, Rotman, Mothman, Rh1ndle, NinaLanyon, Ai, An, Manaslutrek, Kckid, moviewise, Qwurty, Alok, Keelia, DavidFuentes305, Philcam, FestiveAkp, shriracha, DannyKar, kalajeng, Beneedum, Harmony, MikaHmlinen, yung, Devaccha, TownHallCrime, AmineAouragh, pipedreamer4587, ArcaneHammer, AvailViking, carlomrx and 329 anonymous Contributors

As we celebrate this milestone, I am also excited about the future of Cloudhiker. I believe that the website has the potential to transform the way people discover and explore the web. With your continued support and contributions, I am confident that we can achieve this vision.

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