The Cloudhiker Halloween Special 👻 🎃

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Cloudhiker is around for a few years now and is doing great. But until now, I never changed the site for a special time. Neither easter nor Christmas or Black Friday. This had to change, and because the leafs start to become orange and brown, rainy days become more and we celebrate Halloween at the end of this month, I decided I will start with a Halloween special.

There are actually no changes for you, beside the new colors. This is also the first time that Cloudhiker got a complete dark mode. For now, there is no option to turn it on or off, but I will likely add such an option in your account settings in the next weeks. I hope you like the dark theme anyway. The orange main color also brings a little fresh wind into the feeling of the website.

A spooooky Discount!

What would Halloween be without candy? Unfortunately, I can't ship candy to all of you. The shipping cost alone would make me go bankrupt. However, you still get a neat surprise to celebrate the spookiest of all nights: new Premium subscribers get a whopping 66.6% discount! It's valid as long as your subscription s running, and you can get it until November 1st.

Get Cloudhiker Premium now! It comes with a lot of advantages, most important the access to your explore history.