Your new Explore History

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In the past weeks, I worked a lot on the Cloudhiker systems. I switched to a new server and a new database for some of the data stored. I am really happy to announce, that Premium users can now access up to 90 days of their Explore history, up from just 30 days. And that's not the only improvement. The history is also updated near instantly, so you don't have to wait up to 15 minutes until the latest websites pop up in your history.

You want access to the history, but don't have a Premium account yet? To celebrate this step forward, you can get 10% off of the monthly of yearly Premium subscription. Use the code HAPPYHISTORY23 in the checkout.

A small improvement on the side: you can find a new option in your account settings for opening websites in a new tab. When enabling the option, links to your explored websites will open in a new tab, leaving Cloudhiker like it is, so you can easily continue exploring the internet.