Improvements for websites that are no longer available

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Some websites that we have stored are rejected. All of those sites either cannot or should not be explorable on Cloudhiker. The reasons vary from site to site, but one of the most common reasons is that the site does not exist anymore. It could have been taken offline by the creator, or the domain expired, or an article of a blog was deleted for some reason. No matter why the website is no longer available, it will be rejected here. Unfortunately, there are quite some websites which were online for a long time. Users shared the website with others, who now would face a blank page, or a warning in their browser. Thankfully, on the other side, all websites which were approved at least once will be sent to the Internet Archive. The Internet Archive does exactly what the name implies: archiving content on the internet. Once saved, a copy can be viewed on the archives' website.

Starting today, Cloudhiker will display a link to the Internet Archive for all websites that are no longer available. Additionally, this link will also be displayed for websites that were rejected for other harmless reasons, so the user can decide on his own if he wants to visit the site.

If you like the work the people of the Internet Archive are doing, please consider making a small donation to them.